Modifying a JRC NRD-525 for DRM reception

C56 and C102 on the IF-AF Amp board of the NRD525 were moved to the solderside in order to make some space for the DRM-Interface.


Input to the DRM I/F is TP1.

The output is connected to pin 15 of motherboardconnector P28.

The 10.8 Volt DC is obtained from L3.

Click here to read more about it: downloads/JRC_NRD525_Low_Res.pdf





Output of the DRM I/F

The black (RG174) coax connects one of the Scope outputs (bottom right) to  the output of the DRM I/F via pin 15.

This can only be done if the RTTY I/F is not fitted!


Extended filter switching

A new firmware (V1.4) in combination with some simple hardware modification results in bypassing the 455 kHz filters FL1 - FL4 resulting in a 455 kHz bandwidth of about 12 kHz necessary for the DRM I/F.

See for more details: (french) (english)



New backpanel connectors

 The SO239 type bulkhead connectors for the VHF / UHF were replaced by N-type bulkheads.

The original RS-232 connector was replaced by an DB9 type.


RS232 connector


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